LEAP Program Testimonials

Benefits of The Lifestyle Eating and Performance Program

Patients who have adopted The Lifestyle Eating and Performance Program (LEAP) as a lifestyle change have the following to say:


I have had Fibromyalgia for around 44 years – it started long before the disease was discovered. IBS-D [Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Disorder] has plagued me for years as well. In recent years I became a LEAP practitioner because of how well it worked for me – beyond my wildest dreams! Most of the time I am pain-free with the fibromyalgia and I am off of all pain medication, sleep medication and no longer take Imodium. I have also noticed that I am able to concentrate more and have more energy than ever!

~ L.H.,   Cape Cod, MA


Crohn’s Disease & Colitis:

LEAP works! For years I have struggled with Crohn’s Disease and had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in addition to the Diabetes I had been managing for many years. My diarrhea attacks from the Crohn’s Disease etc were frequent and intense lasting for one to four days. It was accompanied by extreme muscular and glandular pain, excessive bloating, flatulence and burning reflux. My blood sugar numbers were erratic and I woke daily with my whole body aching and severe headaches. Knowing that Crohn’s has no cure, I was desperate for some way to control my symptoms. At the advice of a friend, I tried the LEAP Program. Four weeks after I began, I awoke and realized that I didn’t hurt – No headaches, no sore muscles, no bloating, no bleeding and no body aches. My diabetic numbers had improved so much that I was able to get off one of my medications as well. Although it takes work to commit to the new eating habits, it’s worth it and it feels great to be healthy again!

~ S.B.,   Cape Cod, MA


Gastrointestinal Distress:

I used to suffer from severe bloating, frequent diarrhea, gas, cramping, and wheezing. My weight was constantly fluctuating as much as 7-10 lbs in one day. I couldn’t go to the gym due to the flatulence – forget yoga and pilates. I am 40 years old and have suffered from these symptoms as long as I can remember. Two weeks after starting the LEAP Program I noticed that I was no longer experiencing severe gastro-intestinal distress. I was a bit of a skeptic to start but was amazed at how simply avoiding foods that my body was sensitive to changed my life! I had tried many different things but this worked. It’s not easy to change your entire lifestyle but it works for me and is truly worth the effort with almost immediate results.

~ T.T.,   Cape Cod, MA



For several years I was caught in a cycle of migraines caused from rebound headaches in addition to the many unknown food triggers I had. I felt trapped in this cycle. I knew the medications were causing me problems but I needed them. I had gotten to the point where I was taking medication daily (and sometimes more) to deal with the headaches and migraines. Over the years, I have tried beta blockers, Botox, dry needling, Naproxen, and more. I was skeptical about the MRT test initially, but I was desperate. Following the LEAP Program has broken the cycle of migraines and has given me my life back. It seems that by following the program, I do not have the buildup of “poisons” in my system and can tolerate small amounts of trigger foods occasionally. I feel armed to take care of myself so much more effectively now! This has changed the quality of life beyond belief, not only my life, but also the lives of my husband and children. I am so much more available to all of them now.

~ A.C.,   South Coast, MA



I am presently working with a patient whose primary complaint is hives which began six months ago when he developed a staph infection following knee surgery. He had been on antibiotics for two weeks when the hives began. Since beginning the LEAP Program his hives have reduced substantially. Although he is not following the program to a “T”, he has changed his diet enough to see a significant difference in the amount of hives he has – even now that he is off steroids.

~ D.B.,   Cape Cod, MA


  • Amy Rose Sager is a Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian and Certified LEAP-MRT Therapist. She provides in-person or phone consultations with patients throughout Cape Cod, Plymouth and southeastern Massachusetts. Her specialties are managing food sensitivities; plant-based eating, cancer and eating for life. Patients come to her for help with IBS (irritable bowel disorder), Crohn's disease, plant-based diet eating and food allergies.
    • Cape Cod: Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster, Centerville, Chatham, Cotuit, Dennis, Falmouth, Forestdale, Harwich, Hyannis, Marstons Mills, Mashpee, Orleans, Osterville, Pocasset, Provincetown, Sagamore, Sandwich, Wellfleet, Yarmouth.

    • South Coast MA: Buzzards Bay, Fairhaven, Onset, Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester, Wareham

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